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A Comprehensive Understanding Of The Hair, Beauty And Fashion Industry

Hi, I’m Jo Martin. I’m an International Education, Event and Creative Brand Professional with extensive experience leading the ideation, vision and execution of innovative, creative and digital strategies for high profile brand portfolios in the global hair, beauty and fashion industry.


With a unique combination of commercial and creative skills, my visionary leadership, alternative thinking style and obsession for performance enables me to deliver on both creative brand and commercial objectives.

Over 25 years experience in the industry.

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Tackling global markets.

As an entrepreneurial and inspirational leader, who is also an innovative problem solver, I can work collaboratively with high-level management and all departmental teams within businesses — developing and coaching teams and managing events and projects across global markets with Direct or Distributor business models.


During my career, I have built up an extensive portfolio of work producing media activities, the creation and management of commercial brand campaigns, as well as digital platforms for educational events and programs.


With an enormous amount of experience in the professional haircare industry, I have spent years designing, developing and delivering motivational and inspirational global education programs to both salon professional stylists and consumers worldwide.


I’m proud to have strong relationships with a wealth of highly-skilled media professionals, including photographers, PR consultants, makeup artists and stylists, who I’m able to collaborate with on executing innovative and inspirational creative projects.

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