Jo Martin Services

Our services are aimed at supporting leading industry brands and manufactures with their creative strategies.

With a wealth of experience providing visionary creative solutions and commercial expertise to leading global hair and beauty brands, I support my clients in building successful, profitable and sustainable businesses.


The combination of my extensive hair and beauty industry knowledge and vast experience means your business will be equipped with the ultimate strategy for growth.

Specialising in areas of:


  • creating digital experiences
  • developing inspirational education programs
  • leadership in project and brand management
  • creating innovative visual content

Creating Digital Experiences

Your brand’s digital output has never been more important, and your content must be inspiring, engaging and dynamic to meet the needs of your client. 


I can help create, communicate and execute your organisation’s strategy and vision to your target audience through exciting digital experiences and content.


This creative output will help grow your brand, reach a wider audience and showcase your business’s personality for greater influence. 


Having built up a portfolio of work producing professional media activities across a range of global brands, I have the expertise to revolutionise your brand’s digital content, ultimately assisting your business to succeed.

I can enhance your brand’s digital experiences by focusing on:

– Education / Training

– Seminars / Workshops
– Live Broadcasts
– Campaigns
– Product Launches / Sales Promotions

Inspirational Education Programs ​

Education is essential to achieve increased awareness, growth and success for a brand. 

I can design, structure and deliver outstanding, high-impact education to your brand teams, ambassadors, consumers or professionals within the hair and beauty industry. 

My proactive coaching, training and mentoring develops strong and motivated teams; building their confidence and knowledge and encouraging them to be outstanding brand advocates and leaders – which will, in turn, drive sales, productivity and awareness. 


My creative education services and experiences are tailored to your brand’s individual vision and strategy, supporting overall business success.


My four-step process to a successful education program:


– Strategy Creation
– Program Development
– Program Training
– Train the trainer



Project And Brand Management

The most progressive hair and beauty brands spend their time planning and focusing on growth. 


I can provide visionary brand leadership, driving creative direction and pioneering unique, inspirational and experiential industry events on a global scale.


With proven expertise in delivering results in high-profile brand and event projects for international hair and beauty brands, I have experience tailoring projects to meet your specific business objectives.


My leadership management skills are in areas of:



– Campaign Creative Management
– Brand/Sales/Education/Marketing Toolkits 

– Brand/Product/Press Launches
– Events/Exhibitions

Innovative Visual Content​

Content marketing is crucial to the success of your business and it’s vital your content’s direction is tied to your overall strategy, allowing your material to reach your business’ specific targets.

I help my clients produce innovative and engaging content, that communicates their messaging through inspiring visionary methods and multi-channel delivery, to the right target audience.

With my creative ideology and commercial understanding, I can help to implement your brand’s strategy and deliver innovative, inspirational content for your audience.


My creative content expertise will focus on: 


-Art Direction and Photography
-Videography Production
-Campaign Creative
-Step by Step How To’s
-Product Look Collections



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